Every now and again, a couple may inquire about how they can add a bit of flair to their wedding video. They look to us, Since 1987 Films, for our expertise on what additions may make their final wedding video stand out amongst the crowd. Now it’s not a competition by any means, but after viewing multiple examples of our previous weddings it seems quite natural for the inquiring couple to hope for a final piece with just as much pizzazz as the ones viewable on our website (www.since1987films.com).

                  What we tell our client is just because weddings are traditional events, with specific elements and customary rituals – doesn’t mean they have to be boring. At the end of the day a wedding is a celebration, and there is nothing boring about a group of people coming together to celebrate the unifying power love retains. The editor, Anthony Santiago, is an innovative and vibrant soul with remarkable skills and vision, who consistently weaves the scenes captured on the big days together in uncanny, yet magnificent ways. However, a plethora of unique elements is not necessarily needed. The more meaningful, or outside-of-the-box one component is, the more unparalleled the wedding video will be.

                  For instance, at Since 1987 Films, we love children and animals just as much as we love weddings. It’s very common to see children in our wedding videos but it’s rare to see the bride and groom’s beloved pet take place in the ceremony as well, similar to that of our #DashaandMichael2014 wedding video. Most pet owners view their animals as a part of their family to a certain extent, so seeing one at a wedding ceremony is not only understandable, it’s heartwarming. Nothing tugged at our heart-strings more than the first and only wedding/birthday party we did for the charming DeLuna Family. Little Lincoln DeLuna was diagnosed with a debilitating muscular disease at birth – the doctors only gave him a few months to live. But with his family’s love, care and faith Lincoln was still going strong after living for a full year; a year that was commemorated by the wedding of his two outstanding parents -- a precious memory that will be ours to cherish for years to come.

                  Another significant aspect of all weddings is location, location, location! Jessica and Fred Stockton had their wedding preparations, ceremony and reception done at Paradise Cove in Orlando, Florida and it was truly astounding! Jessica’s preparations were shot in a large two story house on the property, which had enough room for the bridal party to be completely comfortable and at home while they did their hair, make-up and reminiscing about the past, and the future. Then during the ceremony, we filmed and witnessed the vibrant Fred dash in on a speed boat with his groom’s men through rippling waves and white sands, right up to the altar where he would await his lovely, glowing bride. The addition of the speed boat in the Stockton wedding created a unique dimension of creativity and excitement that made the final video seem more like a full length feature film, than the standard wedding video many of us have become accustom to.

                  Like Hao and Jingwen’s wedding, a ceremony can be held at any one of the numerous Tampa Bay area beaches, beneath a sunny Florida sky and amidst a gentle ocean breeze. Or similar to the delightful wedding of Justin and Mariann, a couple can opt for an elegant melody like that of the string quartet that played as Mariann strolled down the aisle of the Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida. Now maybe the location for the wedding can’t be at some grand venue, or renowned location. What then? Then maybe the serenity of a backyard in combination with radiant and talented loved ones, like that and those of Mikayla and Scott’s wedding would suffice just fine. With an original speech, an original song, or even an original dance; a traditional wedding can be transformed into a much more spectacular event than expected.

Something as simple as the matching superhero cufflinks worn by the groom’s men at Yomaira and Victor’s wedding showed a special kind of character and personality. A visit from a surprise guest, like the wedding of the charismatic Beth and Jeff Herman can add the much appreciated, element of surprise. The Herman’s managed to have Thunder-Bug of the Tampa Bay Lightning pay their wedding reception an unexpected visit and the crowd went wild! We’d go so far to suggest an uncommon yet treasured item, like the Indiana Jones-style hat worn by Scott at the conclusion of his reception, as he and his bride Mikayla literally ventured off toward a new and exciting life together. With a little imaginative thought, and passionate consideration – the potential outcomes for one’s wedding truly become endless. Luckily for Since 1987 Films we’ve seen it with our own eyes, time and time again.

                  As far as our brides and grooms are concerned, we urge them to think outside of the proverbial box. This notion has always been one of our rules of thumb – we wouldn’t be in this business if it weren’t. We advise couples to be fearless in their planning. We suggest themed weddings, testimonials, surprise proposals like Kyle’s where we stalked our client through a park on a moon-lit evening in order to capture the tears of joy on the bride-to-be’s face as she said, “Yes, I will.” We have yet to film an engagement party, but it is definitely on our to-do list. Maybe Since 1987 Films can film your engagement party one day, or someone you know and care about. Contact us or share this article and it just may turn out to be an epic, life-changing event that we all can watch and re-live over, and over again.


By: Andrew J. Williams