No matter where you are on this great wide world, there are a few things always needed; shelter, food, water and oxygen. Most of us look to some sort of career for the first two necessities while taking the last two for granted. But that can be done just about anywhere, so what other factors weigh in on such a decision (besides family and friends)? Simple, the weather and the wages – how much one makes living versus how much it costs to do so. Now what one prefers to do in their free time is their own business, but it's not likely to be affected by bright sunny days, unless you’re Batman. Besides the occasional cold front and sporadic rain cloud or two, Tampa Florida's weather for the most part is quite paradise-like, for now.

            With about two-thirds of the year being filled with sunshine and sea breeze, it's no wonder that Florida recently surpassed New York in population, according to recent statistics. The only thing Floridians have to complain about is the four-foot average of rainfall per year, but thank goodness no snow – knock on wood. Sure the public transportation system in Florida isn't the best on Earth, and the overhaul of the roadways to accommodate the influx of new residents is far from completion. But as time passes, areas like Ybor City and Hyde Park continue to become more and more like the melting pot better known as “The City that Never Sleeps.” These days, Tampa isn't showing any signs of drowsiness.

            Development of the Tampa Bay region began officially after becoming US territory in 1845, according to record. The region is rich in natural resources with The Hillsborough River, Tampa Bay, and The Bone Valley – known for having some of the largest phosphate deposits in the US. Tampa Bay's history is built so heavily upon these once flourishing resources that the area now suffers from an increase in sinkholes; courtesy of the constant phosphate mining Central Florida has become known for . . . well those and the beaches of course.

            The roadway constructions occurring in Tampa range from the simple re-paving of rough patches of road like on the Suncoast, widening lanes and shoulders on the Veterans and I-275, to vast new roads or road-extension projects sprouting from I-4. One of said projects was even commemorated with a marathon before being opened for motorist use. Outdoor events such as these marathons, music festivals, themed gatherings like the renowned Gasparilla “Pirate” Parade, have all become normality in Tampa Florida because of the wonderful weather and growth in people who've taken notice. Al Lopez Park is a popular location in Tampa where festivals are often held. A branch of Since 1987 Films was lucky enough to be a part of such an event called Conga Caliente, a Hispanic festival celebrating Latin musicians – both the new and the old.

            Unlike other tropical US climates, the cost of living in Tampa Florida is roughly identical to the average income, give or take a few grand. That fact alone makes survival more inviting. In this economy most of us will be happy to take whatever we can get, before it's all gone. One might ask who exactly is getting all they can get? Some may say states like Washington and Colorado, because they went, green. Will Florida's constantly increasing population earn its people a couple more representatives in the House? Which would turn into more electoral votes, and thus more state power?  Anything's possible but only time will tell. As we wait here patiently at Since 1987 Films, we'll be soaking it all up and breaking even – while paradise keeps getting better.


By Andrew Williams