As most of us may know, money tends to be a major deciding factor when creating and maintaining romantic relationships. Even most dating websites today have a section for one’s yearly salary range (don’t ask me how I know). This is not to say that we as a people are shallow, or push love to the back-burner for the “root of all evil.” The importance of money stems more from the need for balance, or an even-playing-field.

     When two people are engaged in a balanced relationship, one person tends to be a bit more conservative than the other; especially when it comes to money. That difference in willingness to spend usually leads to conflict. As a wedding videographer at Since 1987 Films, I empathize with both halves of the whole relationship because at the end of the day it’s about pleasing the couple – not just the bride or the groom. Obviously, since without one there’d be no wedding for us to film in the first place.

     Customarily, Since 1987 Films prefers to sit down with each and every potential client face-to-face. We do this in order to build a rapport prior to the “big day.” We also do this so the client gets to experience our personalities first hand, and to extinguish any apprehension that may be naturally harbored about new, unfamiliar faces.

     One day during a client-meeting, everything went as planned at first. The client became acquainted with the company. The expectations for the final wedding video were clearly communicated. Examples of our works were displayed, and critiqued. Lastly, a wedding package and price was negotiated and agreed upon, as the contract was presented. The meeting created a warm, friendly environment where laughter could be heard from a distance. Unbeknownst to us at the time, we weren’t dealing with the more conservative individual in the couple. Needless to say, when our package and pricing was relayed – the couple’s previously dismissed budget was revitalized by the more conservative counterpart. Being made aware of this foreseeable circumstance, we realized that we weren’t out of the woods just yet.

     The main philosophy at Since 1987 Films is to always foster the win/win. We never wish to succeed at the expense of another: we always rather collective success between us and our clients, no matter what. This is a family oriented business so we treat our clients as if they were just that, family. We work with our clients’ budgets, and we even offer payment plans if need-be. With that being said, we decided it was only right for us to intervene in order to assist in remedying the situation. Here we have one half of the couple, convinced by the vision we have at Since 1987 Films, while her significant other only knows what his fiancé relayed due to his inability to be present at the meeting. The bride assured us that she was more than capable of convincing her groom-to-be of how astounding we were, but we nonetheless decided to meet them right in the middle of our price and their budget cap. With that, an agreement was reached and all parties were completely satisfied. The coveted win/win had been achieved.

     This excerpt was written in appreciation for that extraordinary couple, and any other couple who makes sacrifices for each other. We commend couples who strive for the win/win with each other, their vendors, and people in general. Relationships and life are about a delicate balance, that is at times difficult to obtain. But here at Since 1987 Films we wouldn’t have it any other way, so we always reserve an extra effort for such occasions.

By: Andrew J. Williams