A “Woman Crush Wednesday,” better known as a #WCW, is a recently popularized term (used predominantly in social media) to describe a female who the poster is captivated by. This recognition is technically reserved for Wednesdays, even if the enamor extends far beyond the twenty-four acknowledgement period. Here at Since 1987 Films we genuinely appreciate a woman’s beauty, eloquence, radiance, struggle, silhouette and everything in-between. But what we also respect and appreciate even more is hard-work and dedication (especially in our own field of choice – film). That is why our #WCW this week is the lovely and very talented Reed Morano.

                  With over several dozens of work examples beneath her belt, ranging from camera operator on shorts and TV specials to Directory of Photography on award-winning feature length films, Morano can evoke awe and inspiration in any film-minded man, woman or child. Of three hundred forty active members in the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) Morano is the youngest out of the group, of which only twelve are women. She was inducted two years after she received the Kodak Vision Award in 2011. In a quote from her profile on IMDB.com, Morano hints at the intricacy and difficulty encompassed within her routine professional duties, as well as her selflessness in that regard.

“It’s a very tricky job we have as DPs [Directors of Photography], where you are expected to make something that really is an emotional art but also needs to be technically spot on. You’re often given a very small window of time to achieve it… There are many legendary DPs that I admire, some of whom have a very strong signature but I’m not sure I want to be the DP where you see my work and say oh, Reed shot that. I hope to be able to [adapt] to every movie and disappear into it.”

                  This work ethic and outlook resonates with Since 1987 Films on many levels, as well as motivates us to constantly strive for progress. We were legally founded and established in the state of Florida in October of 2014. Being created, managed and operated by male minorities; it has been quite a challenge to advance in the video production industry, to say the least. We’ve faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles on countless occasions, so we know that being a female in this industry – Reed may have experienced her own fair share of challenges as well. The uncredited camera operator works listed on IMDB.com may only be the tip of the iceberg. Nonetheless, Morano persevered and earned multiple film awards further validating her devotion to her decorated film career.

                  When Since 1987 Films had no work examples to boast of, no website content to display and no upcoming gigs to prepare for – it was a woman by the name of Maritza Astorquiza of Coda Sound Inc., who first believed in us enough to provide our very first opportunity as a video production company. Maritza sat us down and gently dried the moisture behind our ears with information, know-how, dos and don’ts, and tales of her past industry experiences (both the good and the bad). It was also Maritza who was the very first individual to write “Since 1987 Films” on a check for video production services rendered.

                  Both Maritza and Reed share what we like to call extraordinary vision. Morano is currently leading the charge on a movement to advance the film industry with better control of motion interpolation, also known as “The Soap Opera Effect,” or SOE for short. This is an example of her willingness to not only accept change in the field she is so passionate about, but to embrace it whole-heartedly: much like Maritza did with Since 1987 Films. We owe women like these a debt of gratitude on not just Wednesday, but every day. Nevertheless, we’re sincerely thankful for the weekly reminder.


By: Andrew J. Williams