Since 1987 Films is proud to present a new logo and mascot! The logo is a depiction of an owl, blind in one eye. This custom logo was created by an incredible associate and friend of the company, Kyle Goodrich. The idea for the logo originated from one of the first popularized blind owls, Zeus The Blind Owl. It is said that Zeus' eyes appeared star-studded due to cataracts, clots of protein and blood pigment. Owl experts claimed that Zeus only harbored about ten percent of his full range of vision, but what if he was actually capable of seeing what people simply cannot perceive? Maybe science has not yet advanced far enough, to tell us what a starry-eyed owl can truly witness. Nonetheless, owls continue to be renowned today for flight, vision, wisdom, and wonder. So in memory of Zeus and everything owls still stand for, we named ours Otus, after the original Greek word for owl.

By: Andrew Williams